Details about the 2024 model year Chevrolet Colorado have surfaced online, revealing a series of changes that come despite the 2023 having only been on the market for about six months.

Information sourced from a General Motors Fleet Order Guide reveals that while the 2023 was sold with one engine offered in three different states of tune, the 2024 model will only have two states of tune. These will consist of the entry-level 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in ‘Turbo’ guise with 237 hp and 260 lb-ft (352 Nm) while the ‘TurboMax’ version will be rated at 310 hp and 430 lb-ft (583 Nm). This means that the mid-range ‘Turbo Plus’ with its 310 hp and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm) is gone but given how similar its outputs are to the TurboMax, we doubt customers will be concerned.

A number of other changes will be made to the 2024 Chevy Colorado. For example, all variants will come standard with an 11-inch digital instrument cluster while the 2023 model is offered with 8- or 11-inch screens. In addition to the 11-inch display being larger, it also offers more scope for personalization and can be reconfigured in one of three available themes, Pickup Truck Talk reports.

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 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Bids Farewell To Mid-Range ‘Turbo Plus’ Engine Tune

Updates made to the cabin include the addition of a floor console with the optional WT Convenience Package, a Dark Essentials Package for WT, LT, and Z71 trims, and a Blind Zone Steering Assist with Trailering feature for WT, LT, Trail Boss, and Z71 models that are ordered with the Advanced Trailering Package.

The 2024 model year also welcomes the arrival of the Colorado ZR2 Bison, first showcased back in May. It comes standard with advanced Multimatic Jounce Control Dampers alongside the more familiar Multimatic DSSV dampers. Other upgrades include power-locking front and rear differentials and a host of components from American Expedition Vehicles, including revised front and rear bumpers, fender flares, and a spare wheel carrier. A set of 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels with 35-inch tires also come standard.

 2024 Chevrolet Colorado Bids Farewell To Mid-Range ‘Turbo Plus’ Engine Tune