Cup holders haven’t changed much over the years, but every so often an automaker decides to get creative. The latest is Lexus, which is introducing modular cup holders on the 2024 TX.

While they look fairly conventional at first glance, the cup holders have retractable arms that enable them to securely hold a wide variety of cups and bottles. However, what makes them unique is that the cup holders can be removed from the center console.

This is a relatively straightforward process and, once removed, there’s a sizable storage compartment in the center console. Lexus said the modular cup holders support “diverse usage styles” and we could imagine women using the storage space to keep small purses or bags nearby.

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 2024 Lexus TX Has Quirky Cup Holders And A Removable Rear Console

The cup holders aren’t the only quirk up front as the TX features a retractable smartphone charger. If you want a little extra space, you can simply push the wireless charging tray out of the way to reveal a hidden compartment underneath.

Getting back to cup holders, models equipped with second-row captain’s chairs have a “semi-console” with two removable cup holders. The console can easily be removed from the vehicle to serve as a mobile tray for holding drinks and snacks while camping or watching youth sporting events. When you’re done, simply slide the tray back in and it locks into place.

These are interesting, but odd ideas and we asked Lexus officials about them last week. They told us the modular cup holders are all about giving customers options as owners can choose to have more space if desired. While the TX is the first purpose-built Lexus for North America, they acknowledged this particular idea came from Japan and said it fits in with the crossover’s mission of delivering storage and utility.

We’ll have more to say about the 2024 Lexus TX in our upcoming review, so stay tuned.

Live pictures: Michael Gauthier for CarScoops