The high-end Fang Cheng Bao (FCB) brand introduced by BYD last month is only in its infancy and has so far only unveiled a single model, the Leopard 5 SUV. Nevertheless, BYD has grandiose plans for the company and plans to establish 100 dealers/stores for the new marque in 60 cities across China. Work on these sites is already well underway.

Images have started to surface on social media that show these new stores and dealers popping up in locations formerly occupied by premium overseas car manufacturers. One of the new stores being built by FCB is an expensive showroom in the city of Jiaxing roughly one hour from Shanghai. This site was once home to a Mercedes-Benz dealership and service center but it has been knocked down and is being replaced.

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Car News China notes that BYD has also taken over a large retail space in Jinan that was once occupied by Aston Martin. It has converted one-half of the facility into a showroom for the flagship YangWang brand while the other half will be occupied by FCB. Local media adds that FCB showrooms will also take over spaces formerly used by BMW while a large showroom is also in the works in the Shunde district where a Maserati dealer once was.

 BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao Brand Is Taking Over Showrooms Once Used By European Brands

The Leopard 5 from Fang Cheng Bao is based on a ladder-frame architecture and is equipped with a potent plug-in hybrid powertrain. This powertrain includes a 1.5-liter petrol engine and while that may seem a little weak, it has been supplemented by a pair of electric motors to deliver a combined 670 hp and 560 lb-ft (760 Nm) of torque. Drive is sent through all four wheels and FCB has also fitted the Leopard 5 with three differential locks, just like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It also has a 30 kWh battery pack providing it with an all-electric range of 78 miles (125 km).

BYD has confirmed that the Leopard 5 will be followed up by a smaller model dubbed the Leopard 3 and a larger one known as the Leopard 8.