Ford lifted the veil on the crazy GT Mk IV at the Velocity Invitational event at Sonoma Raceway over the weekend, with attendees able to watch it being put through its paces on the circuit.

The GT Mk IV is the final track-only variant of the third-generation GT but it is much more than just a hardcore version of the street car. In fact, all of the bodywork has been changed, meaning it now has as much downforce as a modern Indy car, or around 2,400 lbs (1,088 kg). Among the most obvious visual changes is the updated front fascia with a bold new diffuser, a unique grille, NACA ducts, and custom LED headlights.

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The wild changes continue with a custom hood with huge air extractors, canards, a massive twin-plane wing, and a huge carbon fiber rear diffuser. Ford has also stretched the bodywork at the rear, giving it a longtail-esque vibe.  While speaking at the car’s unveiling, Ford said it is quick enough around a racetrack to sit on the front row of any LMP2 grid. Not bad for a Ford, right?

Like the road car, the Ford GT Mk IV is powered by a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 but it’s not actually known if it retains the same 3.5-liter displacement. What we do know is that it has been thoroughly upgraded for use on the track and offers three different power modes, at 500 hp, 700 hp, and 800 hp respectively. It has also been equipped with Multimatic’s trick Adaptive Spool Valve suspension, has bespoke carbon ceramic brakes, and looks like an absolute weapon while lapping Sonoma Raceway.

Multimatic will build just 67 examples of the Ford Mk IV at its facility in Canada with each commanding a $1.7 million price tag.