It doesn’t feel like it’s been all that long since the Ineos Grenadier was nothing but the dream of an ambitious British billionaire who wanted to build a true successor to the original Land Rover Defender. In reality, it has been more than six years since the project first came to the public’s attention and 12 months since production of the rugged off-roader started. Customers are also taking deliveries around the globe and one example in the UK is being put to particularly good use.

A specially-equipped Grenadier was recently delivered to Nith Inshore Rescue in Scotland and will be used as their new search and rescue vehicle. Volunteers who work at the busy lifeboat station help to protect life and property being threatened by the sea, inland water, flooding, and other water-related incidents in the Upper Solway and surrounding area.

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The search and rescue station is jointly funded by the Coastal Communities Fund and St John Scotland and had previously been using a classic Land Rover Defender. It now has the first Grenadier emergency vehicle in the UK and will operate it alongside a refurbished lifeboat that will help with its day-to-day duties.

“We deal with life-and-death situations, very harsh weather, and challenging terrain, so when it came to evaluating the options for a new support vehicle, there were few options and the Grenadier stood out, ticking all the boxes,” Nith Inshore Rescue secretary Peter Bryden said. “We were very impressed with the way it has been engineered and built to last, as well as how straightforward it was to convert it for this role. Together with our revitalised lifeboat, we expect it to serve our team for the next 40 years.”

This special Grenadier was modified and outfitted by search and rescue equipment provider Emergency One and now includes an extendable roof-mounted camera. It has also been equipped with an optional snorkel and includes unique decals and flashing lights.

 Ineos Grenadier Deployed As Search And Rescue Vehicle