The latest Bugatti Chiron Super Sport has just left the company’s French factory bound for a customer in Singapore and the owner has spared no expense in making it stand out from all other units produced.

This special Chiron Super Sport is known as the ‘Red Dragon’ and the exterior is bathed in red carbon fiber that looks superb in photos and we’re sure is even more staggering to look at in person. Under direct light, the red carbon appears to have a very rich and vivid hue while in darker light it has more of a maroon finish.

Contrasting the red carbon fiber are painted Nocturne black stripes running over the length of the car. There are also a handful of components finished in traditional carbon fiber, gloss black wheels, and red brake calipers. The owner has also optioned the available Sky View glass roof panels.

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 Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Celebrates The Year Of The Dragon

No highly-specced Bugatti like this would be complete without an interior to match the stunning exterior. White leather adorns the seats, door panels, pillars, and transmission tunnel, while other areas of the doors and the central spine are made from carbon fiber with a sleek satin finish. A host of red accents are also found throughout, including on the rearview mirror, the stitching across the seats, and the script on the sides of the tunnel.

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Bugatti launched the Chiron Super Sport a couple of years after unveiling the world-record-setting Chiron Super Sport 300+. Unlike the 300+, the regular Super Sport offers a slightly more well-equipped interior but retains the same 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine with 1,578 hp.

While the firm has not revealed the identity of the car’s owner, one can only hope that they drive it and bring it to events rather than locking it away in a collection.