VW was one of the first movers among the car industry’s legacy automakers to commit heavily in the development of electric vehicles, largely in response to the dieselgate scandal of 2015. However, many of VW’s rivals have quickly caught up to it and are now offering compelling EVs of their own. This makes the new ID.7 all the more important.

Unveiled six months ago in China, Europe, and the United States, the ID.7 is the brand’s first EV in the upper mid-sized class and brings with it a series of innovations that could make it the firm’s most well-rounded electric offering. These include new ergoActive premium seats that have been certified by the German Campaign for Healthier Backs and are said to “make a significant contribution” to the car’s comfort.

The optional ergoActive premium seats were created in partnership with physiotherapists, orthopedic specialists, and sports scientists and incorporate 10 air cushions in the backrests to massage key pressure points. The seats also have two large air cushions in the seat base and VW says these cushions work alternately to activate the pelvis and the spine through a dedicated pelvic activation function.

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 VW ID.7 Has ErgoActive Seats To Stretch Your Pelvis And Spine

The seats of the ID.7 also has a pneumatic pressure point massage function to relax and activate the back muscles. The seats are also ventilated but the system is different from most others out there as the fan speed can be adjusted separately for the seat cushion and the backrest. There is even an automatic mode that measures the temperature and moisture levels between the seat and passenger and then calculates individual climate settings.

Those looking to experience the ergoActive premium seats will have to choose the Interior Package Plus that’s priced at €4,450 ($4,711). In addition to adding the seats, this package includes a 700-watt Harman Kardon audio system with 14 speakers and a background lighting system.

The VW ID.7 will arrive on North American shores in 2024.